Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More Ideas for Giving Back this Thanksgiving and Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is traditionally a day to give thanks for the things we have and to surround ourselves with friends, family, and food. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, this feast often marks the beginning of the holiday season. Some awesome ideas for giving back this season have already been posted by former FMF staffer Caroline Sellars on Choices Campus Blog.

Here are a few more ideas for giving back this holiday season!
+ Organize a mini food drive. Ask your friends, family and neighbors to donate non-perishable food items. Collect the donations and bring the items to a local food bank. If you do not have time to collect food, collect spare change. Although food donations are nice, money donations allow food banks to purchase the items they need.
+ Adopt a family in need! Many local and national families in need can be found through various programs online.
+ Ship a care package or letter to a soldier fighting abroad. More information can be found at http://anysoldier.com/

With the economy in the state that it is in... not everyone can afford to spend money this holiday season. Fear not fellow do gooders there are still loads of things you can do
+ Visit sick patients at a near by hospital. Call your local hospital and ask there are any patients who would like a visitor this holiday season. (Note-- Please call and ask permission first!)
+ Donate blood
+ Volunteer at a local shelter
+ Help drop off meals with your local Meals on Wheels

Photo Credit: Mr. T in DC on flickr.com

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