Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sexual Harassment Given Priority it Deserves!

Salt Water Taffy, "Dirty Watah," civil unions, the Chess Man of Harvard Square, the great debate between Mike's and Modern Pastry (Modern all the way): all things that make me proud to say I'm from Boston.

And now there's more: the city's push to get pervs off the T (that's our public transportation system or "metro," for all of you non-locals)...

With the help of the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center (about whom I can't say enough good things (Bostonians can volunteer with BARCC by clicking here!)) there will now be ads on the T deterring suspicious behavior, while informing the public that there is a zero tolerance for sexual harassment and how to go to reporting witnessed incidents.

Not only do the ads raise awareness for riders to pay attention to protect themselves/others, the ads also make known the new undercover cop policy. Attacking the issue on both fronts with hidden police ensures that nothing will go unnoticed. Check it out here, as shown in this clip on Boston's FOX News (yes, I went there; apologies all around.)

The fact that Boston has put this issue at high priority makes me so happy, as it happens far too often (and mostly goes unreported.) Sexual Harassment like this is not committed by socials aberrations, but by terrorists using sex as a scare tactic to oppress and maintain undeserved privilege. To see groups like BARCC and the Boston police department working together like this is great progress and a model other cities should copy.

Oh, and Yankees suck.

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