Friday, October 9, 2009

Exposing Fake Clinics Action Series! Step 7: Photo Campaign

Ah the National Week of Action to expose fake clinics is quickly approaching! (October 25th-31st if case you have forgotten!) What do
YOU have planned?

So our next idea is to have a photo campaign!

Rally students together! Meet people who want to be involved when you are petitioning for CPCs. Come up with a prompt question that you want to ask everyone. Here are a few suggestions:

1. What do you expect from a women's health clinic?
2.What do you think about CPCs?
3.What services would you like to receive if you were faced with an unintended pregnancy?

Get people to write their answers on a piece of paper and have them tape it to a speech bubble that you've pre-made.

Take their picture!

These photos can be put into a slideshow, or a facebook or flickr album and share it with all of your supporters. Or you can print them out and create a photo collage or feminist quilt that can be displayed on campus or when you are tabling. Or you can also send them to your elected officials urging them to do something about the deceptive advertising practices of CPCs!

Check out the photo blog we at the West Coast office made!

What do you expect from your women's health clinic?

Create a Free Slideshow

Please share your submissions with us! Email them to
It would be a great idea as a part of the video you submit for the video contest.
What more great action ideas? Check out our action idea archives!

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WendyM said...

Love that idea! Can't wait to see what you receive.