Monday, October 19, 2009

Ira Glass + Health Care Reform= A Perfect Commuters' Soundtrack

There is something about Ira Glass that just fills my heart with happiness. Maybe it's the comforting tone of his voice, or his Howard Zinn-take on modern social history, or the nerdy, but adorable, black, thick-rimmed glasses (I'm guessing the glasses...)

Nevertheless, there is nothing I love more than downloading my weekly "This American Life" and then using it to zone out the outside insanity of my morning commute.

Considering FMF's focus on health care reform, I was thrilled to hear that PRI/"This American Life" was dedicating the past two episodes exclusively to the current health insurance situation.

The special is a personal, but general overview of where American health care is, where it looks to go and how we managed to get in this mess!

With interviews from doctors, health insurance workers, patients, acne-prone lawyers and, of course, people who purchase anti-psychotics for their pet hedgehogs; who could ask for anything more?!

Here's the links for your listening pleasure:
Week One: More is Less
Week Two: Someone Else's Money

As someone who has experience working in a health care facility, I think they hit the nail right on the head (pointing out issues of malpractice, testing, generic vs. brand-name prescriptions, patient distance to cost of care, the money flow, etc...)

My only concern is to also consider the big dog insurance companies, and not just the smaller independent groups, when reviewing the public option. As we've shown in past blogs, the positives brought on by the public option (especially the progressive pressure towards the greater medical monopolies) far outweighs the negatives.

Happy Monday!
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