Monday, October 5, 2009

Campus Organizers meet Gloria Steinem

So the east coast organizers went downtown for the Women, Money, and Power Summit Luncheon, sponsored by our sister organization, the Feminist Majority. The luncheon was great, and it was great to hear Gloria Steinem speak. She had a lot to say about gun ownership and violence in society, and we really enjoyed her analysis - thanks so much to FM and to Gloria for a great luncheon!

Additionally, we were super stoked to get a photo with her following her speech! So here it is, your 5 east coast campus organizers with the one and only Gloria Steinem!

Special kudos to Norma Gattsek, Government Relations Director, for snagging us the opportunity and taking the photo. Thanks Norma!


Danine said...

You women ROCK!

Danielle said...

Si se puede!

Dolores Huerta was delightful as always!