Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Fixing the Liberal Bias"...in the Bible?

Ever thought the Bible had a liberal Bias? Me neither. But Andy Schafly, son of anti-ERA activist Phyllis Schafly and inventor of Conservapedia, thinks it does and is working to "correct" its "emasculating" messages, Alternet reports.

The Conservative Bible Project will take place in wiki format, slowly making changes to the King James Bible. Some of the proposed changes include replacing various instances of the term "young girl" with the words "bimbo," "floozy," or "temptress;" renaming Pharisees "liberals," and adjusting passages to look like Jesus praised the "free market."

The proposed Conservative Bible would also eliminate passages that were supposedly penned in by rabid liberals after the original bible was made, such as the passage when Jesus saved a woman from stoning, or the passage in which Jesus asks G-d to forgive his prosecutors because they didn't know what they were doing. (Hm, he picked the two passages my religion teachers always pointed out as the point of caring about religion in the first place. Interesting.)

Many consider the whole thing a joke; after all, Schafly proclaims that one of the problems with the King James bible is that it was mistranslated, but he will not going back to the original texts to write his new version. He didn't even know that the bible was originally written in more than one language, but insists that the bible is currently "dumbed down" to the seventh-grade level. (And those intellectual liberal elites whose titles he wants to superimpose on the Pharisees are responsible for the dumbing down. The ocassional dose of logic doesn't kill people, btw.)

Personally I think I would find reading the Lolcat Bible to be less sacreligious.

What's your opinion?

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karee said...

Has anyone read the latest Lilith mag? There's an interesting piece which talks about the femininity of men in the Bible. I wonder if Andy saw that too. Hmm.