Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zombies for Health Insurance Reform

Zombies aren't just craving brains. They want a public option, too. From Massachusetts Jobs with Justice comes this creative protest (oh, how I wish I still lived in Boston!):

The dead are rising to walk the streets of Boston once more, hungry for revenge against those who put them in the grave- insurance companies! Whether it was denied claims for medical care, rescinded service upon contracting serious illnesses, or payments delayed by miles of insurance paperwork and bureaucracy, these undead insurance customers are back to stop insurance company crimes, and they don’t care whose brains they have to eat to make health care reform happen. Take a stand against big insurance! No more insurance crime zombies!

The details:

5pm (4:30pm for zombies, please!), Thursday, October 29

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Landmark Center, 401 Park Drive, Boston

For more information, contact

Image via Laughing Squid

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