Friday, October 30, 2009

Girls Now! Conference

via Feminist Perspectives:

Because being a girl shouldn't be so hard.

This is the message behind a group in
Austin called the Girls Empowerment Network, or GENaustin. They believe many of the problems facing young girls, like bullying, poor body image, and teen pregnancy, all stem from an epidemic of low self-esteem. On November 14th, GENaustin will tackle this issue with their Girls Now! Conference by connecting girls and adults who have questions with experts and resources who have answers.

This one day conference created specifically for 5th-12th grade girls will explore the issues of "Bullying, Body Image, & Being a Girl," and will also contain programming for parents, educators, and social workers. It will include dynamic, interactive workshops focused on issues such as cyber bulling, self-image, dating, diversity, media literacy, parent-daughter relationships, and physical health and wellness. Not to mention, the keynote speaker will be Alexis Jones, "Survivor" Reality Star and Founder of "i am that girl."

Want to get involved? Here's what you can do:
- Register to attend
- Sponsor a girl who can't afford a ticket for $20
- Spread the message about the conference through facebook, twitter, and your personal blogs.

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