Friday, October 30, 2009

Support Maine Equality! Vote No on 1!

On November 3rd, Maine voters will decide whether to repeal Maine's new same sex marriage law. According to CommonDreams, both sides are close in the polls.

The marriage fight in Maine is shaping up to be similar to the Prop. 8 fight in California. The "THEY WILL TEACH GAY TO THE CHILDREN!" rhetoric came out in full force. Ads like these have started to run in Maine:

Give Me A Break from Stand for Marriage Maine on Vimeo.

Apparently, children will be explicitly taught that gay sex involves HUGGING and (gasp!) KISSING!

Protect Maine Equality has raised $1.4 million more than its opponent. However, advocates for equality are far from complacent. Protect Maine Equality's Jesse Connoley says "We have every reason to think this will be a razor-thin election."

If you're a Maine voter, make sure to vote on November 3rd or earlier!

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