Thursday, October 29, 2009

Making the Grade in Sex Ed: Go Gamecocks!

Congratulations to my alma mater The University of South Carolina and fellow Gamecocks for ranking numero uno in sexual health education! Woo hoo!

Carolina earned a 3.43 "sexual health GPA" according to this year's Trojan Sexual Health Report Card survey of 141 NCAA colleges and universities. The survey analyzed access and availability of information and resources to students based on the following categories:

1. Student opinion of health center
2. Health center hours of operation
3. Availability of patient drop-in vs. appointment only
4. Availability of separate sexual awareness program
5. Contraceptive availability and cost
6. Condom availability and cost
7. HIV testing, cost and locality (on- vs. off-campus)
8. Other STI testing, cost and locality (on- vs. off-campus)
9. Availability of anonymous advice via email / newspaper column
10. Existence of lecture / outreach programs
11. Existence of student peer groups
12. Availability of sexual assault programs
13. Website usability and functionality

Through events like Project Condom and "Sex and the College Student" for first-year students, the Sexual Health and Violence Prevention Office has been an active and visible presence on campus (and ally of FMLA at USC). Snaps and claps to all the top ten schools, including Stanford, UConn, Columbia, Florida Atlantic, UGA, Michigan State, Cornell, Brown and Duke. And kudos to Trojan for highlighting the need for comprehensive sexual health information and access to these services on ALL campuses.

Oh, and go 'cocks! :)

Photo credit: Flickr by Radar Communication

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