Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Starting an FMLA

Starting a feminist group on your campus can be easier than you think! Check out Alexis Gardner's account of starting a new group at her school, Cal State Los Angeles:

"So we just started up the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance up again at Cal State LA! We had an awesome turn out for it being only the first meeting, about 10 new faces on top of our established 6 officers! Everyone seems really excited and eager to get involved! Who knew starting a feminist club on campus could be so easy?!

We have recruitment tabling scheduled, planning an equality bake sale, looking into doing community service at a women's and children's shelter, and we are collaborating with the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center on campus to do various events such as the clothesline project and the Womyn of Color Conference!

This experience to learn and grow with fellow feminists is going to be awesome! I couldn't think of anything better than bonding and making life long connections with fellow sisters for the cause! Any suggestions for future meeting topics and activities?"

You too can be a leader of a group on your campus. Let the campus organizers be a resource to you. We can even make a visit to your campus to help you launch a group. Contact us at campusteam@feminist.org!

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WendyM said...

yay for new fmlas!