Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Svenska historia: the Basics

We all know that Sweden is renowned for gender equality, and I'm sure you've wondered why. Is it because of socialism and the welfare state? or is because of a successful feminist movement? Or maybe you don't even debate that because you simply have no concept of Swedish history (shame on you!). Don't worry! I'm here to share some of the key dates in the history of Swedish gender equality with you. I know how much we all love history....

1845-Equal inheritance for women and men

1846-Women win the right to enter some fields of trade.

1864-The Swedish Art Academy opens for women, and there are increased labor rights for women.

1870-Medical schools open to women.

1873-Universities are opened to women (except in the areas of theology and law)

1874-Wives have the right to control their own earnings.

1880-Women are permitted to work as low-level civil servants.

1884-Female age of majority drops from 25 to 21 for unmarried women. The Fredrika Bremer Society is formed, and the first bill for suffrage is introduced.

1888-First female doctor.

1921-First time women can vote in a general election.

As you can see, there was significant progress made even before suffrage was achieved. There's also a lot of literature that was written as early as 1840 that sparked controversy and debate around issues of gender equality, but I'll leave that for another time!
Photo courtesy of Ellen Saliares


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