Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Exposing Fake Clinics Action Series: National Sex-Ed Call in Day

Have you heard of the Hatch Amendment??

It is a recent amendment to the health care reform bill passed by Senate Finance Committee that would reinstate $50 million/year to abstinence-only programs. GAHH!

I don't need to tell you that abstinence-only programs don't work. They do not lower the rates of unintended pregnancies or the spread of STIs including HIV. But I should tell you that this federal funding would also go to fund Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

Let's not forget that this week is “Don’t Get Tricked, Get Treated” national week of action to expose “fake clinics.” I have a great action idea for you and everyone you know!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, October 28th is National Sex Ed Call-In Day. Please call your US Senators and let them know that reinstating $50 million to failed abstinence-only programs is unacceptable.

1. Call 1-800-423-5983 where you will be connected to the Capitol Switchboard

2. Tell them what state you are in and that you would like to speak to one of your Senators

3. Ask to speak to the lead aide on health and tell them why you think your senator needs to support comprehensive sex education and reject the Hatch Amendment that would reinstate $50 millions to abstinence-only education

4. Once you call one Senator, call the switchboard back and ask to be connected to your other State Senator.

5. When you are tabling and holding events this week for "Don't Get Tricked, Get Treated," have everyone you talk to take a second and do the same!

We have been making great progress at finally putting an end to abstinence-only education, and we must not let the Hatch Amendment undue our hard work!

On Wednesday October 28th, call your Senators at 1-888-423-5983 and urge them to put a stop to the harmful Hatch Amendment and abstinence-only-before- marriage programs!

For more ideas on how to take action during "Don't Get Tricked, Get Treated," check out our action series

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