Thursday, October 1, 2009

Your Weekend Plan? Seeing Whip It!

Dodai has her review of Whip It up at Jezebel and I could not agree with her praise more. My sister and I were lucky enough to catch a sneak preview of the film last Saturday, and our response to it was a resounding "AWESOME."

A coming of age tale about a small town Texas teenager named Bliss who joins a roller derby league. As Dodai so perfectly puts it in her review, Whip It follows the Bechdel Rule, coined by amazing cartoonist and author Alison Bechdel: "One, it had to have at least two women in it. Two, they had to speak to each other about, three, something besides a man." Whip It features not only a strong female lead, played by Juno star (and feminist!) Ellen Page, but an almost entirely strong, non-stereotypical female cast. Bliss's mother, best friend, and teammates are all funny, smart, genuine women. Even the "villain" character comes off looking pretty cool.

Some of the ads have tried to play up the romantic sub-plot of the movie (which is just that--a SUB-plot), but for the most part the marketing has featured positive messages like "Be Your Own Hero" and "Find Your Tribe." It is very obvious that there is a female director (Drew Barrymore) and production team behind this movie.

So yeah, go see Whip It.I am sure it will be a feminist movie night staple for years to come.

Also, the movie totally made me want to join a roller derby league, despite my general fear of athleticism and falling of my face. My sister even gave me a sweet roller derby name: Ruth Hater Ginsburg :)


Anonymous said...

Great review Emily! I can't wait to see this, Ellen Page is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Under normal circumstances I would have thought that Ellen Page has a really annoying way about her, but she actually did a great job in this movie; all around Whip It rocked.