Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I love healthy, living Michigan women: How about you?

Early October, I told you about the Guttmacher Institute's shocking abortion research. To sum it up, the study states "restricting the availability of legal abortions does not appear to reduce the number of women trying to end unwanted pregnancies...Abortion occurs in roughly equal rates in regions where it is legal and regions where it is highly restricted or illegal."

The difference is in the quality of the procedure. Because of the poorer conditions and health risks that go along with illegal abortions, 700,000 women die each year from the procedure and 5 million are left with medical complications after the fact!! (Remember: these numbers include American women too.)

So, after a report proving that banning abortion kills, State Representative Jim Slezak (D) (and his 22 other co-signers) have recently proposed an amendment to outlaw abortion in his state of Michigan. It's tied to a human rights legislation that guarantees each person the right to life, which sure, I'll go along with, until it goes on to defines "person" as a human being who's life begins at the time of conception.

As the omniscient feminists that we are (and the fact that we can read studies like the aforementioned one,) we know that this will only create health risks and consequential deaths for the women in Michigan (and not actually bring down the number of those having abortions, like right-to-lifers would like us to believe.)

We encourage you to keep an eye out for legislation like this in your area, so that we can best protect the women in this country (especially if you are one of the many Michigan feminists out there!)

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healthyliving said...

Yes id o love living in Michigan and i am proud to say that im a healthy women living in Michigan ill do my best to keep myself fit.
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