Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself

10 fun facts about Bie Aweh:

1.) Senior Political Science and Women Studies double major with a minor in Race, Culture, and Power

2.) Born and raised in Boston and I am Haitian and Cameroonian

3.) I have an identical twin

4.) Huge Boston Celtics fan/Ray Allen

5.) First Concert: Prince or the "Artist formally known as Prince"

6.) Favorite movie: Kings of Comedy

7.) Favorite book: Sleep Toward Heaven

8.) My inspiration: God, my parents, Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, Francis E.W Harper, Nikki Giovanni and the list goes on!

9.) Proudest moment :Having dinner with Nikki Giovanni

10.) Sparking moment: I realized I was a feminist first semester of freshmen year.

My feminism:

I am developing my feminism every day and each day I am introduced to something new that give more meaning to being a feminist. In feminism I am interested in the progress of women of color and LGBTQ people, more specifically transgender women. These two groups have played the role of the “outsider within” in feminism, they are marginalized because they are women but further marginalized because of their gender identity and race. I am also interested in prisoner rights for women, including abortion and overall reproductive health. Lastly I have a strong interest in women in developing nations.

Summer goals with the FMF:

My goal this summer is to rally around the FMF's mission to empower women and young girls everywhere. It is important to equip these women with the knowledge and resources they need to combat the oppressive regimes that exists in the world and become agents for change.


lostgirl said...

go head girl!

.c. said...

Bie! It's so great to be able to follow you while yer out in LA! <3 Cait

.c. said...

Bie! You rock! <3 Cait

derobinson said...

Get it! You sound awesome, good luck at FMF! =)