Monday, June 28, 2010

Stigma Still Surrounds Bisexuals

CNNs coverage on a story about one couple this morning beings out as a typical love story and then throws in a twist. Sorority girl meets fraternity boy, sorority girl goes on a date with fraternity boy, both fall in love, and then marry. Now here comes the twist! The woman is heterosexual and the man is bisexual. I must say it is an interesting piece, not typical of CNN topics that discusses bisexuality and the stigma surrounding it.

Battling stereotypes, assumptions, and confusion held by others, bisexuals often find themselves gridlocked between being considered straight or not. If not, then usually left turn into yet another binary being considered lesbian or gay. Although more and more Americans recognize homosexuality, bisexuality still represents a gray area. Unfortunately, there is no open door policy for bisexuals in and out of the so called closet as most (emphasis on most as there are some groups) homosexual and heterosexual communities/groups steer clear of bisexuality.

But, never fear there is hope of accepting this gray area. Some sociologists say that more and more members of the younger generations are accepting of bisexuality and thus it is only a matter of time before this becomes more socially acceptable.

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