Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Intern on the Block

Hey there, Feminists!

My name is Sara Pressey, and I am a new Campus Choices Intern at the Feminist Majority Foundation! I am excited to share my opinion, knowledge, discoveries and questions with you!

This upcoming academic year, I will be a sophomore at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California. I am majoring in Sociology as well as minoring in Gender & Women's Studies and Psychology. At Cal Lutheran, I am very involved in extracurricular activities from clubs and volunteering to working with non-profit organizations. My main leadership roles at Cal Lutheran include being President of our Feminist Majority Foundation affiliate group, Feminism Is; Vice President of our campus' Not For Sale chapter and Secretary to the Gay-Straight Alliance.

My involvement with feminism first began about a year ago. Like many other feminists, I have always held the belief that women and men should be treated equal socially, economically and politically, but I could never really place my beliefs in a specific category. I always thought of feminism as being a movement that happened in the past and primarily focused on women's suffrage. When I took my first sociology class this past school year, my eyes were opened to the many issues that women face today. Armed with my new found knowledge, I immersed myself in feminism-- becoming involved with our campus group, reading books and internet articles, blogging, talking to feminists.

While I am interested in all areas of feminism, my main focus is on violence against women. This area is so important to me because the violence around the world (including the United States!) is often misunderstood, unnoticed, condoned or is not subject to intervention.

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