Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FMF Summer Intern's First Blog (ever!)

Hi, feminists! My name is Erin Coughlin and I am interning at the Los Angeles office of the Feminist Majority Foundation for the summer. As an intern, I will be writing a weekly blog and look forward to sharing my opinions, epiphanies and various experiences that strengthen my identification as a feminist.

Here are 10 (hopefully fun) facts that will allow me to introduce myself:

1. I just finished my sophomore year at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL. I am a Political Science and History double major.
2. I was born and raised in Lakeland, FL and as a lifelong Floridian, I am becoming quite spoiled by LA's constant climate of 75 and sunny with no humidity. Oh, and by Trader Joe's! I can't get enough of relatively inexpensive and delicious organic groceries.
3. Tying in with my love of TJ's, I am a serious foodie. Seemingly overnight, I shed my obsession with food texture and fear of the unknown to wanting to try (mostly) every food. My most recent food conquest was Ethiopian.
4. I love running and believe that few feelings compare to the endorphin fueled runner's high achieved after a good run.
5. Bob Dylan is, hands down, my favorite musician.
6. My parents are feminists and have inspired me to promote equality.
7. My passions as a feminist most strongly lie in the area of reproductive rights.
8. I believe that young women need comprehensive sex ed that reaches beyond abstinence only teachings, and that all women deserve access to birth control and safe and legal abortions. I look forward to advocating for this issue over the summer.
9. I was drawn to the Feminist Majority Foundation because of the extensive work they do with revealing the truth about Crisis Pregnancy Centers.
10. My goal as a summer intern is to strengthen my ability to empower women by educating them about their reproductive and personal rights.

I look forward to delving into my internship and blogging about my findings with you.

For equality,
Erin Coughlin

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