Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet Another New FMF Intern!

Hello Internet-world! I'm Eden, a new intern for this lovely summer (despite the all too present June Gloom), and will also be a new contributor to the Choices Campus Blog!

In order to get ourselves better acquainted with one another, I present to you: Ten Random Facts About Me!
  1. I am a political science major at UC Berkeley, and although I have attended a fair number of protests, I have yet to purchase a tie-dyed shirt. (Blasphemy!)
  2. I am passionate about feminist concerns, particularly reproductive and LGBTQ rights.
  3. I love food and probably spend most of my life preparing, consuming, and thinking about food. (The Food Network and various cooking blogs owe me a large chunk of my time!)
  4. My life goals include making perfectly baked bread and teaching my parents how to use the karaoke machine.
  5. But on a more serious note, my life goals also include informing the public about feminist issues and devoting my time fighting for human rights.
  6. I am somewhat of a television snob (holding Arrested Development in high regard), but have a huge weakness for "trashy" reality shows (anything that plays on Bravo floats my boat).
  7. I am a California native and love my state, though I tend to usually dislike being in the sun, sand, and traffic.
  8. One of my favorite aspects of feminism is the confidence that stems from the belief! I have met so many intelligent, confident feminists who all have equally intelligent and confident outlooks on life.
  9. Although I am passionate about various political issues, I am indecisive about little things, so my favorite color is rainbow.
  10. I mercilessly abuse using parentheses (really?!).

I look forward to contributing more to this blog in the future!

- Eden

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