Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Legal Victory in the UK for Transgender Individuals

In the United Kingdom, a woman won the right to her pension, previously denied to her because she was born male, reported The Guardian.

In the UK, women can access their pensions at age 60 and men at age 65.

In this case, the woman's national insurance company, Revenue & Customs, determined that because she had not divorced her wife and changed her gender status she was not recognized as female in the eyes of the law and thus would have to wait to receive her pension at 65. The Lord Justice for the case determined that the legal frame work allowing people to change their gender and obtain legal recognition was discriminatory and thus this won her rights to her pension! Let's hope these ideas of discriminatory legal frame work continues and gets the ball rolling for more trans rights!

(Out of context for the World Cup of course) Way to go UK!

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