Thursday, June 18, 2009

ACTION ALERT: Thank PBS for their recent special "Abortion Providers Under Siege"

PBS award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa put together a great documentary entitled "Abortion Providers Under Siege." The documentary is very compelling - it shows not only what the remaining abortion providers in the US are going through, but the impact that the anti-choice movement is having on their families, practices, and women's rights everywhere.

Watch the video below:

I'll let the video speak for itself - it's great - but there is also an opportunity for action. According to the Women's Media Center:

"Anti-choice forces are organizing against PBS for airing this important piece and pressuring the network. This kind of collective action against a media company can have a chilling effect on the kinds of stories it chooses to air."
The Women's Media Center is asking that people send a letter to the producers of NOW on PBS to thank them for the piece and express appreciation for continued coverage of access to abortion.

Please watch the video and send a letter to PBS! Ask your friends to do the same.

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Ellen said...

Thanks Val!

I didn't see the PBS special when it aired, but I definetly went to the website and signed the letter.