Monday, June 22, 2009

PETA Makes Women into Meat

The Huffington Post has an online slideshow and poll of the sexiest PETA ads today. This collection illustrates PETA's strategy for getting more people interested in protecting animals and becoming vegetarians, mainly by showing mostly naked women looking like they will sleep with anyone who tosses their leather jacket in the garbage or eats a veggie burger.

I looked through more PETA ads and I was only more disappointed. Seriously, PETA, just because you are advertising for saving animals doesn't make you any better than companies that advertise for beer or watches with naked women.

PETA is a group based off a value system that believes that animals deserve humane treatment and that they shouldn't be objectified. So, if that is the case, why do they think it is ok to make women look like pieces of meat? A bunny is a living thing that shouldn't be looked at purely for it's ability to become clothing, so why should a woman be advertised purely as a sexual object?

I am not the first person to wonder about this, and I am certainly not the first person to think PETA needs a new advertising strategy. I wish that the Huffington Post would have shown how these ads are objectifying women instead of showing their favorites, which seems to encourage people to support the advertising campaign. Instead of showing how "clever" PETA has been, I think it would have been good to show how PETA uses the same sexist and destructive advertising other companies do.

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Jenna said...

This was a great blog post. Thank you for bringing attention to this!