Monday, June 29, 2009

“Gayby” Boomers Are Coming Out

No. They are not coming out like that. (Well, I am sure some of them are, but not because they have queer parents…) Forty-years-ago, in the wake of the Stonewall Riots, there emerged a more adamant, more cohesive queer community than the United States had ever seen. This would become the starting block for the modern gay rights movement. Same-sex couples started claiming their rights after the riots, and for many couples, this meant the right to have a family.

Forty-years-later, the children of Stonewall are speaking out about their experiences as children of queer parents. There was a heartening story on CNN this past weekend about a conservative man who was raised by lesbian mothers, and although most of his politics are conservative, he totally supports same-sex marriage and other same-sex rights. He, like many other children of same-sex parents, is a free-thinking and open-minded individual.

Opponents of same-sex families claim that these children are more likely to be sexually confused, but I have to say that I believe that children in homophobic households are much more likely to be “sexually confused.” Some of the children of same-sex couples admit that they hesitated to invite friends over when they were younger, but this was less of a concern as they grew older. Now adults, many are speaking out in favor of same-sex rights, and some are even writing memoirs.

Society can finally quit speculating as to how children of same-sex couples will develop, as the children (now adults) are ready to speak for themselves. As the nation quietly anticipates the verdict, I must say that I believe that most people will find their stories shocking… Shockingly normal.

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