Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrating Independent Women this Independence Day

As we make our way through the week and ever-closer to the 4th of July, the FMF campus team wants to take some time to reflect on key players in our nation's history - or herstory as the case may be.

Every year, we hear the same old stories of the "great men" who wrestled tyranny to the ground with their bare hands and brutish strength...and taa-daaa, here we are in all our perfected masculine glory! Buuuuuut maybe just maybe, there might have been a few important women along the way, too. (Ya think?)

So, throughout the next few days, keep an eye out for entries on some of the amazing women who have strengthened the United States. Hopefully you'll learn something new about our amazing foremothers - and feel free to email us (campusteam@feminist.org) if we've not yet written about your favorite heroine in our nation's herstory!

Who knows, maybe after 233 years of patriotism, we can finally, proudly proclaim some matriotism this 4th.

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