Friday, June 19, 2009

"Running of the Nudes"... yeah that will teach them.

First let me start off my saying I support animal activism. I love animals and agree with no-kill shelters, and all that. I have even supported PETA in the past, but the past few weeks have really made me look at this organization in a different light.

Has anyone else seen PETA's ads for protesting the running of the bulls in Pamplona? Also referred to by PETA as Running of the Nudes. Why are people not making a bigger deal about this? I am totally against bull fighting, and I completely agree with their underlying message. Bullfighting is cruel and inhumane, I mean as a present to the crowd they cut off the bulls ears and tail. This is ridiculous that people still let these animals be treated like this for show.

But, here is the problem with this campaign strategy; the onlookers and participants, (mostly men), these are not going to be men who see these ladies in their underwear and plastic bull horns and have a sudden epiphany that hey maybe I should not run with the bulls, maybe I should stop eating meat and buying crest toothpaste. I seriously doubt it, instead this is what happened in the July 2007 protest... yeah.

Basically, I think PETA's ads are completely misplaced. The Running of the Nudes is just one example; Khloe Kardashian is not gonna make anyone decide to support animal rights either by showing off her tush! And not to mention PETA's most recent ridiculous fit about President Obama swatting a fly during an interview with CNN. Give me a break and get over it PETA, there are more important things for this man to be worrying about than a fly and whether or not you all are crying over it.

Calm down PETA, and quit using women to better your movement.


Ellen said...

On a related note, there were some protests by PETA against McDonald's where Andy Dick dressed up like the Joker meets Ronald McDonald.

Thuy-Lan said...

wow great post sarah. that picture is ridiculous.