Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Arizona Increases Obstacles to Abortion

According to the Associated Press, the Arizona State Senate recently passed legislation that will restrict women's access to abortions. The bill requires a mandatory 24 waiting period after the first visit to the abortion provider and a requirement state-scripted disclosures by doctors. The pre-existing law that requires parental consent is also going to be strengthened.

The bill almost didn't get the amount of votes needed to pass it. This legislation will hurt women, and it is ridiculous that something that was barely passed will have such a big effect on the lives of women. One side edged out the other side by a narrow margin, but the results will be much larger. The little decisions made and the small victories change the lives of people.

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Laura said...

THIS is why you show up to state held elections! Low voter turn out causes laws like this to be passed. Such parental notification laws were voted on two years in a row in CA (76 and 85), and luckily did not pass. We must continue to encourage people to show up for elections so that this doesn't happen any longer!