Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What is going to a Crisis Pregnancy Center REALLY Like?

As FMF blog followers, I hope/assume that many of you are familiar with Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC). I am not going to spend time talking about how ridiculous it is that CPCs are federally funded, or how I think that it should be illegal to tell women that condoms are 100% ineffective, or that there is a direct correlation between having an abortion and getting breast cancer, as that would take hours to write about. In a word: ridiculous.

However, it is nice to see others spreading the good word about the horrors that are CPCs, and mentioning FMF in their posts! Blogger Myra Duran (a former FMF intern in the LA office!) explains her experience at a CPC, describing all of the details from the “spa-like” atmosphere, to filling out paperwork about her religious beliefs, to peeing in a Dixie cup. It even includes a video from the Feminist Majority Foundation’s National Young Women's Leadership Conference this past March!

For me, the best part is actually reading the responses to her blog post, which range from full support to overt opposition. I recommend you check her blog out, as a reminder of the action that we need to take to stop CPCs!

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