Saturday, July 11, 2009

Feminists Descend Upon Los Angeles!

Out here in the FMF's Los Angeles office we campus organizers and summer interns have a schedule jam-packed with campus visits. Yes, that is right, we are a roving band of feminists making the rounds all over southern California campuses; boom box, stickers and neon yellow flyers in hand. From Santa Barbara, to San Diego, to Riverside, we are spreading the feminist love and doing some serious grassroots organizing.

Last week, 11 of us spent a day at Pasadena City College, helping the newly formed PCC Feminist Club boost membership, raise awareness about feminist issues, and gain support for their big launch in the fall. Over 35 people attended the first general meeting and everyone is amped to start exposing their local fake clinic and volunteer as clinic escorts.

Yesterday, we organized at East Los Angeles College, where former FMF intern, Jessica, is working hard to establish a group. The enthusiasm and support from faculty and students alike was amazing and while summer school is winding down, we can't wait for fall semester and the big recruitment drive that is planned!

Monday and Tuesday we're off to UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College. Both campuses are practically on the beach and if that's where the students are hanging out, you know, we may just have to head on down there! (Just kidding....or am I?)

Wish us luck and we'll be sure to keep you posted on the creative feminist ideas we come across in our travels!

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WendyM said...

That's awesome! Keep up the great work!