Friday, July 17, 2009

Verdict in Lateisha Green trial

The decision in the Lateisha Green trial is in and the jury found Dwight DeLee guilty of first-degree murder as a hate crime. As you might have seen earlier in this blog, the Senate recently approved a measure that would include of violence against people on the basis of gender identity as a hate crime.

The trial began earlier this week, and the verdict came in this morning. This trial is one of the few trials where someone has been convicted of the murder of a transperson on the basis of gender identity, and is certainly one of the few times that it has been considered a hate crime.

Hopefully, both this decision and the recently approved Senate measure will start a move towards a society that makes it clear that hate, prejudice, ignorance, and violence are not tolerated.

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little miss gnomide said...

Thanks for the good news. This is just such a despicable crime.

I just discovered this blog. I'm going to start reading on a regular basis.