Thursday, July 30, 2009

Green Day fan rocks!

When you conjure up an image of a Green Day fan, what comes to mind? You are probably thinking of some guy wearing a lot of black clothing with an overall alternative style. Aside from their atypically slow, mainstream song “Good Riddance,” I will admit that I do not know much of their music. Imagine my shock, and delight, to see a video on Jezebel of a young woman taking the stage to play guitar alongside Billie Joe Armstrong.

No, she is not the regular guitarist; she is an audience member who seriously got her money’s worth out of her concert ticket. As of late, Green Day specializes in interactive concerts. Armstrong starts a dialogue with his audience between songs, and then he selects an individual (who claims to have the ability to play Green Day’s music on an instrument) to join him on stage.

Armstrong skeptically invited a young woman on stage to play guitar on Monday at the Green Day concert at Madison Square Garden. She did not disappoint. In fact, she rocked. You should definitely watch the video. This young woman accomplished something incredible that night, as she showed the fans at the concert (and now hopefully millions of people all over the web) that woman can rock, too.

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