Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Women in the Supreme Court

The New York Times featured an interview with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, entitled The Place of Women On the Court, in which they discussed women and politics. Having been the only woman on the Supreme Court for the past three years, she is optimistic about the seemingly likely appointment of Sotomayor, and expressed extreme confidence in Sotomayor's ability. She even told the interviewer that Sotomayor would "hold her own" with the other Judges.

Ginsburg also tackled the idea of a change in the atmosphere on the bench if there was a higher presence of female judges, versus male judges, and how she thought Supreme Court rulings might differ depending on cases pertaining to women's rights. She touched upon future legality of Roe VS Wade, and many other famous court cases. I really encourage you to read the interview. She is obviously an incredibly brilliant woman, and has had many unique experiences serving on the Supreme Court.

Photo Courtesy of thewhitehouseproject on flickr

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Emily said...

I cannot put into words the love and admiration I have RBG.