Tuesday, July 21, 2009

That's just not tasteful

I have a serious question for you all. What is the deal with advertising using violent images of trapped or dead women? I mean, do they really think that it doesn't send out a message about violence against women?

Department store Barney's has a window display that is not only distasteful, but sends a message the violence, especially violence against women, is fashionable and acceptable. The windows show mannequins reacting to shots. They're falling, limbs flailing, and in case it wasn't clear what was going on, there's "blood" splattered on the windows.

Time and time again, feminists and concerned people have criticized companies and advertisers that show violent images of women. I don't know what there is to get. Even the author of the article on the display thinks it's acceptable. She feels that it is edgy or something
Yeah, the deeper meaning is that this display is showing that violence against women is sexy, in style, and fashionable. And it's not.
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