Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wendy Matheny, the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Campus Program Coordinator (a.k.a. my boss), e-mailed me a link this morning to “The Emergency Contraception Website,” a very navigable and informative resource on EC. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before, seeing as it’s operated by Princeton, the university I attend, and the Association for Reproductive Health Professionals, and I spent a good chunk of the morning clicking around the site.

From a very comprehensive EC Q&A page to a search function to locate EC providers, the website does a great job presenting information in a clear, accessible fashion. You can search for types of emergency contraception by brand or by country (in Bolivia, for example, you can find 8 types of “progestin only” EC products), read a “more detailed academic review of the medical and social science literature about emergency contraception,” or use the site as a portal to countless other resources on preventing unintended pregnancies. And in a web world plagued by anti-choice (and anti-woman) propaganda, it’s a refreshing change of pace to stumble upon such a positive, trustworthy resource.

The URL is, which will take you to Check it out. Tell your friends.

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little miss gnomide said...

As a pharmacy tech, I am a BIG advocate of EC. It's such an important thing to have available. I wish that more info. was out there that told girls that this is a safe drug.