Friday, July 10, 2009

PDA: not okay for the gay

Just a few days ago, five men in El Paso, TX were evicted from Chico's Tacos for kissing in public. It was a "simple kiss on the lips," not indecent behavior or nudity or violence. They were promptly told to leave by the guards at the restaurant (I'm not sure what sort of taco place has enforcers....).

They called the police, who sided with the guards, and made up some crazy nonsense about how it was legal to charge people with "homosexual conduct." That is not legal, and it is a whole bunch of homophobic discrimination.

The situation is upsetting, and interesting because a lot of people feel like what happened really wasn't that wrong, that businesses have the right to serve who they want to serve.

Yeah, people, it is discrimination. If you kick out two men for greeting each other with a kiss, you have to kick out the man and woman who do the same thing. The world is not going to end if two men kiss each other. Not to endorse public nudity or indecency, but I say, let's appreciate the simple acts of love we see every day.

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JeanieAngel said...


If Ben and Jane are giving a kiss nobody looks, but when Ben kisses John, it's somehow illegal.

Question: Is it really affecting your life?

Answer: No.