Thursday, July 16, 2009

IN Paper Under Attack for Same Sex Marriage Announcement

The Elkhart Truth, a local newspaper in northern Indiana, is getting lots of flack from the well-funded American Family Association (AFA) for posting a same sex marriage announcement of an Elkhart-native getting married in Iowa, where same-sex marriage is now legal, in last Sunday's paper:

The AFA is encouraging their constituents to voice their opinions (of bigotry and hate). Here's an excerpt of an email from AFA-Indiana to its members:

The Elkhart Truth has decided to blatantly push the homosexual political agenda in Indiana. On Sunday, July 12th, the paper published an “engagement” picture of two homosexual men who live outside of Indiana as an announcement of their upcoming “wedding” in Iowa.

...the Truth is [reportedly] intentionally “testing the reaction” and considering more same-sex marriage announcements even though such marriages are not recognized under Indiana law or any other surrounding state.

The excuse was made that such marriages are legal in Iowa. However, many things are legal in just one or two states. ...For example, are anniversary announcements for polygamous marriages next? What about incestuous birth announcements? Would theElkhart Truth publish ads for prostitution simply because it is legal in Nevada? What about late-term abortion advertisements from Kansas?

Don't let your voice be drowned out by hate. Take a stand encourage the Elkhart Truth to keep up the good work!

To voice your support for the Elkhart Truth's publication of same sex wedding announcements, you can:

Just send a quick email or make a quick call. And spread the word!

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