Friday, July 10, 2009

Food for Thought

Happy Friday! I was puttering around the wide expanse of the Internet and found this article that I thought all of my fellow feminists might enjoy. On Jezebel , there is a great little piece about how feminism is to blame for the apparent death of romance. I have a few thoughts:

1) I didn't realize romance was dead. 2) Maybe, and I'm going to have to agree with a lot of other people on this one, romance died because of sleazy men, disrespect, violence, and a lot of other things that have nothing to do with the movement for women's equality. Just a thought.

Evidently, feminism plays an important role in dating for some people. I've never really considered how feminism works with or against romance in my life. Although, now I am imagining having enthralling conversations about pay equity, abortion, and Title IX with someone who doesn't just think I'm lecturing him.

I mean, I'd have to say that misogyny and sexism is a deal-breaker, but I'm not sure if it's all that realistic to break-up with someone because he or she does not openly label themself as a feminist. A lot of people hesitate to call themselves a feminist, despite the fact that it might be super sexy to self-proclaimed feminists. Any thoughts?
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Danielle said...

Feminism keeps me warm at night.

Liz said...

I remember there was a study a while back that found that feminists have better sex lives.

Rama Shah said...

Of course you cant clap with one hand so men continuing to reserve the right to dominate and women not being a helpless bunny created this hypothetical "death" of romance. If the IDEA of "romance" means objectifying a women, then that IDEA is better DEAD!

Marissa said...

When I first began talking to my boyfriend about what being a feminist meant to me and why, he approached the subject with some trepidation. At one point he flat out denyed that he could ever be in accordinance with any feminist ideals and I should just leave him out of mine, but in time (and WITHOUT me badgering) he came to the conclusion that (gasp!) he is a feminist after all!

My point is, I never scratch someone off my list just because they don't immediately identify as a feminist. I just try to show them that feminists don't actually hate men, that feminism is a great thing, and feminists DO have better sex lives! (Can I get a "hell yeah!"?)

I want to know what they meant by "romance". Do they mean long-walks-on-the-beach "romance", or prince-saves-helpless-princess-from-dragon "romance"? If the former, it is far from dead, it just often takes a different form than that usually marketed as "romance". If the latter, good riddance!