Monday, June 15, 2009

FemNews! Meet the newest FMF interns!

We hope you enjoyed the last edition of FemNews! This week we're starting off with some more introductions. Five new, talented and charming women have joined us in the FMF office in DC today. We wanted to make sure that they got a chance to tell you a little about themselves, and to make them feel at home. And really, nothing says "Welcome to our office!" like introducing yourself to hundreds of people on camera. We're hoping to get another video out this week, so make sure to check back! Enjoy!


Додо said...

hi there

you are all great!

greetings from hiram, ohio

Sarah said...

Hello from one Buckeye to another!

WendyM said...

I can't wait to compare all of the blogs, from the beginning of summer to the end. I'm feeling some sort of an intern-montage (best/worst of...) in August! =-p

Whaddya think?