Monday, June 1, 2009

More on Dr. George Tiller

We are all still in shock here, but we are trying to both mourn Dr. George Tiller and guarantee that clinics and providers around the country are adequately protected.

Here are some links while we try to sort everything out:

From Feministing: A list of vigils honoring Tiller. Some of the campus team will be attending the vigil at the White House at 6:30 tonight.

Important reading from Gloria Feldt at Salon: George Tiller Needs More than Candlelight Vigils.

Learn more about FMF's National Clinic Access Project. Since 1989, NCAP has mobilized volunteers and law enforcement agencies to protect reproductive health clinics, while working with legislators to enact stricter legislation against violent anti-choice forces. If you work at an abortion clinic and worry that you may be in danger, call 703-522-2214 and ask for Margie Moore, director of the NCAP.

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