Monday, July 6, 2009

80, And Still Very FIERCE!

New America Media recently interviewed United Farm Workers (UFW) co-founder and an absolute favorite in the Fem Majority family, Dolores Huerta during the AARP Diversity Conference in Chicago where she was honored. Don't let the age fool ya! Now that she's approaching the miraculous age of 80, she continues her work through the Dolores Huerta Foundation by addressing immigration reform, developing community leadership through grassroots organizing, and policy advocacy for women's and worker's rights.

During her interview, she focused very heavily on our society's devaluation of the elderly. She states, “I think the elderly have a lot to contribute to society, and the way to do it is to have seniors incorporated into the community” rather than promoting programs that “shut them off in a corner.” Her emphasis on the the support of elders and the rapid aging of the "baby boomers", especially in communities of color where the care for seniors are primarily taken up by members of the family, will have a great impact on communities' health as time goes on.

Her passion for serving the underprivileged and the often ignored is everso vigilant today as it was during the early '60s. A true pioneer in the labor and migrant workers movement, and still very VERY FIERCE! Sí, ELLA PUEDE!

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