Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shades of Love Canal

So, there's a little energy problem in the US, and there has been a lot of talk about clean coal. One of the techniques used to mine coal is called mountaintop removal (MTP) and it quite frankly is wrecking the lives of the people who live in the Appalachian states.

MTP not only destroys the environment but it also causes serious health problems, like asthma and higher rates of cancer. The technique is leveling the mountains that play an important role in the culture and history of the area. The effects of MTP disproportionately effect the lives of the poor who often live near the mining facilities.

Actress Daryl Hannah and others have been protesting the technique, and trying to publicize the issue. This issue is a feminist issue, and it is important to remember that women have always played in important role in the environmental movement, sometimes pushing policies that were far more progressive than those of the men in power. When they were excluded from the major organizations and federal groups, they mobilized at a grassroots level.

Take some time and read up on mountaintop removal, I know you will be shocked. And, take some time to explore the involvement of women in the environmental movement.
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