Thursday, July 2, 2009

Those Feisty Nuns

As a former Catholic school student, I've had some experience with nuns. I took a class at the university from one when I was a senior in high school that pretty much changed my life. Sr. Mara was a feminist, as confusing as that may or may not be, and she rocked my world.

Whatever my feelings are about the Catholic Church, I have a sort of soft spot in my heart for nuns, especially the fiesty ones who speak out about contraception and sexism in the church. Well, while I might cheer on the women who challenge the patriarchal system, it turns out that they may be in a little trouble with the Vatican.

According to the New York Times, the Vatican is starting an investigation of nuns in the United States. The investigation will look into how closely these nuns are following the rules and mission of their order, but it is also looking into the nuns that are members of groups that advocate the ordination of women and other issues that conflict with church teachings. Some believe that this investigation is in response to the threat these women pose to the Vatican, and may led to an effort to return convents and nuns to a more traditional, conservative role in the church.


Jenny said...

Sounds like a witch hunt. These nuns must be doing something right.

Jenna said...

I lived at a convent in Tijuana last summer and was inspired by the work the nuns did there. Your article is concerning. Thank you for writing it.