Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anti-Choice Terrorism

I just can't stop thinking about what a victory it must be for the anti-choice movement that Tiller's clinic will permanently be closed. While I 100% understand the actions of Dr. Tiller's family, I am thinking about what a dangerous message this sends: kill the doctor, close the clinic, mission accomplished.

This clip from Rachel Maddow's show is just fascinating to me. Frank Schaeffer could not make a better point: If the anti-abortion movement so condemns the use of violence and terror in advocating and advancing their "cause", they need to start working with law enforcement in sharing any information they may have be it on possible acts of vandalism, violence, or murder so that the assassination of Dr. Tiller will be the last time we witness the killing of an abortion provider.

Listening to Schaeffer just makes it all the more clear that the Tiller murder was not a case of a "lone nut." This is an organized movement and we need to start calling it what it is- domestic terrorism.


Angrboða said...

I too have been thinking about what kind of message closing Dr. Tiller's clinic sends to the anti-abortion movement. I'm so saddened by the thought that what he stood for and helped to create during his life is now being closed, it almost adds insult to injury. Of course I can also understand what a difficult time this must be for his family and I cannot blame them for their decision to close the clinic. It's unfortunate that the women he could have potentially helped will now have to venture elsewhere to find another doctor willing to perform a late term abortion, potentially further than they are able to travel.

You're right though, the anti-abortion movement really condemns the murder of Dr. Tiller they need to be a lot more vocal about that. Killing a man who helped so many people is not the answer. My heart goes out to his loved ones.

Angrboða said...

I meant to say "if" the anti-abortion movement really condemns the murder of Dr. Tiller they need to be a lot more vocal about that.

JenCarl said...

This really breaks my heart as it's the last thing Dr. Tiller would have wanted. Like everyone else I understand it, but CCB is right, the message it sends to the anti-choice movement really sends a chill down MY spine. While I wish the need for late term abortions didn't exist - it's a necessary "evil" that the anti-choice movement LARGELY creates the need for by using everything at their disposal to prevent women from having abortions earlier. When will they wake up and realize that they CREATE the very abortions they rail the most strongly against? An even MORE frightening thought is: perhaps they already do...

RIP Dr. Tiller - all I can say is that you will never be forgotten by me or by the many, many women whose lives you saved.