Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Choices Campus Leadership Interns Kick off the Summer in LA!

Hey Feminists!

Summer has begun here in Southern California, where we have just started our exciting new internships at the Feminist Majority Foundation. There are seven of us so far and ten more to come. We’re already busy at work here in our beautiful workspace.

Yesterday, our first day of orientation, we had the opportunity to meet Kathy Spillar, the Executive Vice President of FMF, who sat down with us for over two hours and described the incredible work the Feminist Majority Foundation is doing and the action campaigns we will be working on this summer. Some of the campaigns we’re excited about are the Campaign to Expose Fake Clinics, the Afghan Women’s Health Initiative and the Global Reproductive Rights Campaign.

We also had the opportunity to meet each other and are excited to work together this summer.

Jenna, a student from Scripps College spent the year studying in Mexico, Senegal and France and is majoring in International Relations and French.

Beau is a student at Harvard, majoring in Human and Evolutionary Biology with a minor in film. She just got back from teaching English in Burkina Faso.

Sierra is a senior at Occidental College and an American Women’s History major.

Jessica just received her BA is Sociology and Studies of Women and Gender from the University of Virginia.

Danae is a senior at Hastings College, studying Communications Studies, Music and Women’s Studies.

Julia just graduated from UCR with degrees in English and Women’s Studies and hopes to go to Loyola University in Chicago for the dual masters degree in Social Work and Women’s Studies program.

Anita Lederer is a senior at Boston College, majoring in History and Political Science.

We look forward to many more blog posts!


Laur said...

All of us (interns) on the East Coast are so excited to read your post! Keep them coming. :)

Val said...

Great intro post - a big welcome to the west coast interns and we'll look forward to continuing to hear from you!

WendyM said...

Welcome, West Coast interns!! I'm sure we'll be chatting on and off as you answer phones, but it's great to "meet" you via the blog.