Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ashley Judd heads to Harvard

Feminist activist and actress Ashley Judd (most recently the target of Sarah Palin's ire) is going to Harvard. According to the Harvard Crimson, she is now enrolled in the John F. Kennedy School's Mid-Career Master of Public Administration program, which aims to "increase the knowledge and skills of well established, high-performing professionals, who seek to enhance their public service careers or to move from the private sector to a leadership position in either the public or non-profit sectors."

Ashley Judd is one of those few actors who actually puts her money where her mouth is. She is a longtime friend of the Feminist Majority Foundation, having spoken at the March for Women's Lives in 2004. She advocates to end human trafficking, on behalf of AIDS prevention education, and for global health, among other issues. She is a tremendous example of using one's fame to create positive change, and I am sure this new program will make her even more effective. Welcome to the feminist campus network, Ashley!

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cynthia said...

Easy admission for Ashley. No intellectual. It's outrageous. Now two fake degrees.