Thursday, August 13, 2009

Is it possible - Rush seeks a new low?

The awesome folks at Media Matters called our attention to what appears to be Rush Limbaugh finding new ways to debase himself. Apparently, sexism, racism, and xenophobia aren't weildy enough tools to be used individually.... So, in his infinite disregard for all things enlightening, Limbaugh has managed to combine all three (and more!) into 1:29 of soul-crushing ignorance!

Not only does Limbaugh refer to Secretary Clinton as the "sex-retary of state," but he talks about her being "somewhere over there" on her "meaningless" trip focused on calling attention to rape as a tool of war in the Congo.

I'm all for free speech. But seriously, THIS is who gets a microphone and a bully pulpit?

Our voices matter! And, in a way, as much as it pains me to admit it, I'm grateful to bloviating buffoon's like Limbaugh that remind me to SPEAK UP! SPEAK OUT! So, here it goes...

#1 - I * heart * Secretary Clinton and aspire to someday be as amazing and powerful a voice for human dignity and human rights as she!

#2 - I think, no matter your political views, on some minute level, one must respect the office of the Secretary of State. (Remember about 7 years ago when anyone *ahem, Limbaugh?* would go on and on about loving one's country at all cost...yeah, if you preached it then, I'm assuming that should still apply now?!)

#3 - Secretary Clinton is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo addressing the life and death matter of women (and men) being relentlessly threatened and afflicted by the use of rape as a tool of war. Not only is this an issue in the DRC, it's an issue AROUND THE WORLD. It's an issue that affects ALL of us because it affects ANY of us.

That's where I am, right now. What would you add?

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Ellen said...

I agree completely. It is ridiculous that he, Glenn Beck, and others are allowed to exceed beyond the realms of free speech and into hate speech. The thing is, we've seen that this sort of language can be extremely destructive, like it was with Dr. Tiller.

I think that when we focus on a person's issues/political stance and how that frustrates us, we forget that there is a person attached to them that has the right to live and to work without some ignorant, raging person trying to wreck their lives. Secretary of State Clinton is a qualified woman, and the hateful, destructive speeches made by the conservative catalysts for hatred are not only hurting her life and work, but also harming the lives of millions of people who won't receive aid etc because people are dismissing Sec. of State Clinton. And for what?

Ellen said...

Also, has a petition to get advertisers to remove their ads from Glenn Beck's show. Several companies have removed their advertising (Geico and Progressive Insurance, maybe?).

Bonnie said...

Wow - Rush has really outdone himself this time. Although I guess his intolerance and hatefulness shouldn't surprise us at this point. This is the man who also said the following:
"The difference between Los Angeles and yogurt is that Los Angeles comes with less fruit"
"Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream."

So while Secretary of State Clinton continues her trip to the "swamps of Africa" doing "meaningless work" (aka denouncing rape as a weapon of war, talking about HIV prevention, and other "meaningless" issues), Rush can continue to make tired, sexist comments about her and whoever else he feels threatened by.