Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sit Down and Be Quiet

Since Congress has been out of session for the end of summer, representatives have been encouraged to hold "town halls" in their respective districts to discuss health insurance reform. Hitting close to us here in the DC metro region, Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia held a "town hall" in Reston last night. As reported on the DCist, the "town hall" was anything but orderly and peaceful. The Pledge of Allegiance couldn't even be said without a partisan battle occurring.

The "town hall" appeared to be utter chaos, with people screaming over each other and protesters to health insurance reform lining the streets outside. In the end, when Rep. Moran introduced Howard Dean, a group of anti-abortion rights extremists led by Randall Terry disrupted the event by yelling, chanting and mocking Moran and Dean. You can see the video here.

The value and purpose of these town halls is very important. We need to start informing everyone about health insurance reform. Voters need to know what their representatives are discussing so they can make an informed opinion on the issue. But no one can understand anything better if we can't stop screaming and making these town halls into town circuses."

I know that not everyone agrees and that health care is a passion-filled issue. However, their are ways that you can get your opinions heard respectfully and in a non-violent, non-aggressive way. Take the yelling and screaming somewhere else and come back when we can have a REAL conversation.

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danine said...

Wow. Thanks for posting. Because of the Kennedy coverage (and probably because Rachel hasn't been on yet), I hadn't heard about this.

I wholeheartedly agree that we need a dialogue, not an argument.